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Let's get ready to rumble.. written by Chemik, 2014-11-18 19:40 CET (0 comments)

We decided to make epic 3 vs 3 cup. We are sure it will be great.

Team format: 3 vs 3

1 Round: Erdenberg_t1
2 Round: Supply
3 Round: Braundorf_b4

Miscellanious information:
Sign-ups & Check-in till: 19:55 CET (GMT+1) 24.11.2014

tourney.cc - sign-ups problem? Since the tourney.cc service is down, you're not able to create a NEW account on tourney.cc . If you can't sign up your team because you can't create an account just ask me to add your team in the ODC.

Additional information:
ETTV: We will do requests for the semi finals and finals. The lower rounds of cup no need ettv.
Shoutcast: No

# Supply
# Sp_delivery_te
# Frostbite
# Et_beach
# Sw_goldrush_te
# Braundorf_b4
# Et_ice
# Erdenberg_t1
# Adlernest
# Et_ufo_final
# Tc_base


IRC conntact: #wolfeket.pl
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